During the 2017 Milan Design Week, Gian Maria Fattore and Domenico Liberti presented Substrato:
a project whose goal is to give young graphic designers from the most important studios the visibility they deserve. Twenty designers have been involved to create a Poster in line with the defined concept.

Of all things of the material world we see only the surface, and often this is enough, because it is reassuring. but if we were less passive, if we wanted to satisfy our curiosity, we would notice that trees have their roots in the ground, that an Italian noun derives from Latin, and that the tip of the iceberg is only a tenth of a floating ice mountain.
 A vertical perspective becomes horizontal when it comes to human relationships and design. Behind the final result attributed to a few people or to a brand, there is a laboratory of ideas, study and work by those who are not seen, but exist. They constitute an indispensable substratum.

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