Studio Priotti

Studio Priotti is a dental office located in the former Palazzo Priotti, built in 1900 in Turin, facing a wide tree-lined avenue.
A project of color, graphic and details to reshape both private and common spaces, reception, surgeries and restroom. Interiors are re-designed through light, wall and ceiling decorations — perspectives are different: micro-worlds on the top view,  bold textures and plain colors on the front ones.


Studio Priotti_plan

axo copy

Priotti FINE_08

Priotti FINE_19

Priotti FINE_07

Priotti FINE_09

Priotti FINE_13

Priotti FINE_18


Priotti FINE_22

Priotti FINE_20

Priotti FINE_21


Priotti FINE_11

Priotti FINE_10

Priotti FINE_12


Priotti FINE_17

Priotti FINE_14_mod

Priotti FINE_16

Priotti FINE_05

Priotti FINE_03 copy

Priotti FINE_04

Priotti FINE_02

Priotti FINE_01 copy

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