Lo Spazio In Più / Urban Design Atelier at Politecnico di Torino

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The eccedent space. Explorations in the south of Turin is the Atelier of Urban Design held at Polytechnic of Turin and led by Angelo Sampieri (Urbanistica) and Silvia Crivello (Sociologia dell’ambiente), with the collaboration of Federico Guiati, Leonardo Ramondetti and Quirino Spinelli (CDL Magistrale in Architettura per il Progetto Sostenibile, Politecnico di Torino A.A. 2014-2015).

The outcomes are ten territorial sections of six kilometers, ten investigations on specific issues related to selected places crossed by the sections, ten projects aimed to experiment different ways of living within the same city. 

Have a look at the complete work
vol.1 ➝ here
vol.2 ➝ here

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