Costellazioni. Torino, la nuova sfera urbana / Urban Design Atelier at Politecnico di Torino

Constellations. Turin, the New Urban Sphere is the Atelier of Urban Design held at Polytechnic of Turin and led by Angelo Sampieri (Urbanistica) and Silvia Crivello (Sociologia dell’ambiente), with the collaboration of Quirino Spinelli (CDL Magistrale in Architettura per il Progetto Sostenibile, Politecnico di Torino A.A. 2015-2016).

In Turin, the word constellation refers to the coexistence, in the same city, of multiple forms of urbanity. The atelier aims to recognize the new urban sphere through design explorations able to interpret it and to reshape its places through new technologies, new forms of funding, new ways of production of space, wellbeing and sociability.

Have a look at the complete work:
vol.1 ➝ here
vol.2 ➝ here
vol.3 ➝ here

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